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Discover adrenaline pumping fun and excitement, thrill rides, and entertainment can be found for all at Queensland's Gold Coast theme parks. The premier parks of Australia.

Enjoy amusement park rides and marine life wonders at Sea World, native animals and Australian native bush and fauna at popular Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Thrill to Aqualoop, Kamikaze and Mammoth Falls at Dreamworld. Movie World offers family, friends and relatives the most thrilling ride known as the "Tower of Terror" as well as the "Giant Drop" which lets you free-fall more than 37 storeys.

Then there is the 'The Claw' a nine storey totally awesome rush. For kids, there's Wiggles World and scary roller coaster rides. Why not experience "Tiger Island" and ride fast V8 Supercars. You can even battle at the AVPX combat zone. Get right in the middle of the action, with Alien verses Predator verses YOU! Plus, try flow rider surfing at Warner Bros. Movie World.

Amusement Park Rides

For a "true blue" experience, you can't go past Australian Outback Spectacular. Watch stunning looking horses go through their paces.

Be amazed as they perform a magnificent array of races, round ups, and acrobatic stunts. And best of all, you can watch the show eating a three course delicious steak or a vegetarian dinner. Children under the age of 3 years old are admitted free.

For more park entry prices, please view the appropriate page for specific park events, times and admission costs. Theme parks offer tons of activities. Buy online and get special deals for a super pass, multi pass, vip pass, multi-park pass, magic pass or a mega pass for a trip to Movie World. Here's where you are a star for a day. Let yourself go, scream out loud on the Superman Escape ride, and riding the super rollercoaster that catapults you to speeds up to 100km/h in only seconds. Take lots of photos and pictures to remember your fantastic adventure holiday vacation.

Snacks, Handouts & Foodstuff

Take a break and enjoy free pancakes and scrumptious food at park restaurants. And it's easy to purchase discount food vouchers and coupons online.

Book your tickets on the Internet and save big. Use a travel guide to find the ultimate waterslides, rollercoaster's, shows, and marine life wonders at Sea World.

Transport and tourist shuttle service operate daily for visitors from Surfers Paradise providing transfers to and from the theme parks. There are special concessions for adults, children and pensioners. many of the theme parks also offer various shopping and park souvenirs for you to buy.

Unlimited Entertainment

There's all types of park activities and leisure tours throughout the day. You will find the biggest rides at GC theme parks. WhiteWater world and Wet'n'Wild boast the most thrilling water rides in Australia. Situated just 5 minutes north of the Gold Coast airport, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many native animals and marsupials. Why not spend an entire day at Magic Mountain or ride wipeout at Dreamworld. If you're staying at the Sea World resort, you can ride the monorail to the park in minutes. Wet'n'Wild water rides are fast and thrilling . It's the Gold Coast premier water park. There's the ever popular high-speed water ride that shoots you along like you've been shot out of a circus canon. Experience a whirlpool like feeling that catapults you through whirling and swirling rapids.

Adult, Child & Pensioner Recreation

The government Queensland tourism department also provides much informative and helpful information about Gold Coast Theme Parks. Thank you for visiting this website, and we hope you have a wonderful stay while you are holidaying on the Gold Coast.